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Signs: A Film Review

I do not intend to show mercy, but there are spoilers ahead. See, who said I am not caring? Signs is an American Science fiction film released in 2002. In this third movie by M. Night Shyamalan, aliens invade the earth and after a crucial conflict, suddenly disappear, or as it seems from the movie, backed off into their mysterious realm. Signs is unlike many celebrated films in the genre, like the Independence Day (1996) and Men in Black series, in having not many shots fired or aircrafts burnt down.
Graham Hess is an Episcopal priest, who discovers strange signs impressed upon the neat and luscious array of his corns in the field. By the time he and his brother Merrill discover that the originators of the signs are not from this world, an alien invasion is reported in the news channels, and it becomes a global phenomenon.
M. Night Shyamalan’s suspenseful telling of the story of ordinary country folks is impressive. It is still unclear though, who told Shyamalan that playing a classica…