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Beware of Marketing Executives

No assault on any profession intended. 
A thought had lingered on my mind about sending one of my latest articles to a local newspaper. This was nothing new. All such thoughts have the same and never altering source of origin--my desire to make a living by writing. Living by pen. Grand as it sounds, it has many pitfalls and the main one of which I realized lately, through this experience.
On a particularly lazy Thursday noon, a well dressed and stout individual marched through the staffroom into the Dean’s office. It was lunch time, and I went to wash my hands as I do not use a fork or knife, like many of my brothers and sisters in many other parts of the world. The wash room was adjacent to the Dean’s office. “He is the English Teacher.” The Dean called me and introduced me to the well dressed man.
Slowly the smoke of ignorance lifted from my eyes, as I learned that the well-dressed man was the marketing executive of a prominent newspaper. He described their latest offer, for students…