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Lessons from Thunderbolt

A heavy thunderstorm hit my locality, this morning (15 September 2013). It was a Sunday morning.
I had, after a long time, planned to take an early shot at writing. The previous night I planned, to post an article in TIC early in the next morning. I hadn’t posted the Saturday Flick, this Saturday, instead there was another article that needed attention—“The Onam Paradox”. This article was about Onam, the agricultural festival in Kerala, starting from 15 September, for three days.
Sometimes, strange reasons coincide to form phenomenal down pour of Grace, the flow from the Above, the Grand Love of the Maker. I felt myself flowing inwardly in one such stream, when I first realized the modem that connected my computer with the world had been damaged in the thunderbolt. Normally, this would have upset me deeply, and it did, surely to a limited extent. Since, the internet is the easiest medium that signifies my connection with the world, the accompanying panic at the realization of the seve…