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The Onam Paradox

You don’t find stories, stories find you. Some stories find ways to reach you, as comics or movies. One such story that fascinated me in my childhood was Mahabali and Vamana. King Mahabali ruled Keralaputra, today’s Kerala. Vamana was an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who came to Keralaputra and decimated the power of Mahabali, by sending him to the underworld called Pataal.
Mahabali was, in fact, a ‘good guy’. He led Keralaputra, through what could be called, its golden age. Popular songs in the oral tradition corroborate this fact. Although Historians in Kerala would not concede on the idea, Mahabali was a real human being and not just a figment of popular imagination, let me guarantee you that considering Mahabali as a physical reality will not deter one from the quest of knowing, enjoying and re-telling his story. In fact, it will only add more charm.
The original myth suggests that Mahabali ruled his nation in such a fashion that it surpassed in fame and effective handling of wealth the …