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We’re the Millers: Is Jen hot or Emma?

Warning: Spoilers ahead. A minor drug dealer, David Clark, one day, loses all his money. He has only one option; to take an offer proposed by his boss Brad Gurdlinger. The deal is to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the US.
David Clark is well aware of the consequences of being caught in this smuggling. He also knows what would happen to his life if Gurdlinger is not taken seriously. So he decides to take the assignment, as he conceives a plot to execute the mission. He decides to enter Mexico as if he is in a family vacation. However, in order to bring the mission to completion, David Clark requires a family.
He brings in his neighbor, the 18-year-old Kenny, a virgin, and a runaway teenage girl named Casey. He also approaches Rose, his former girl friend and a stripper. Although Rose shows an initial hesitation to join Clark’s mission, she had to comply, because she loses her job in the meanwhile. How these four armatures smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the US and through the jo…