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Petrol Price Hike: Revelations

Discretion advised
When the price for petrol was increased, I thought the world would end. The politicians, media, and everyone I met on the road was bantering about the same issue. Some worker’s unions called off a motor vehicle strike. Good thing, I thought.
I had thought that I would be able to utilize the one day off by spending time with myself, recharging my batteries, reading a book, and taking a nap. However, there were some familial obligations. Some workers had been arranged on this day to clean our property surrounding the house, and modify some of the landscaping. The question was how I am going to make use of the full potential of the day in my favour.
I had to go out to the town and buy some vegetables, in the morning. Lunch had to be arranged for the workers at home, for there were no restaurants open on this day. I was also doubtful about the vegetable stores. Due to the motor vehicle strike, the number of people on the streets is very less. Therefore, the possibility …