Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seven uses for an Airport in Kerala

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The ‘Kerala Model of Development’ was a very famous example of development in India, but this was before Narendra Modi hired his public relations company. The contemporary model is the ‘Gujarat Model’. At present, the old Kerala model, contests hopelessly with this new model—one hypocrisy in its endless duel with another. 

In Kerala, recently a new airport plan is commissioned. It means, the people in power decided to build an airport. The land acquisition is in contestable grounds, because the chosen the place is rich with diverse flora and fauna, as usual. Who knows if it is not purposeful that each time a development project pops us, it is dumped in some delicate landscape just to ravish the nature, so that some multi-national billionaire can build swimming pools there?

Thus, the context of assessment of the important uses of the airport has been triangulated.


Plainly, due to the above mentioned reasons, we must look into the main uses of an airport in Kerala. And we have a just cause to do so.    

The Seven uses of an Airport in Kerala

1. The government can invite tenders and finally, place the tender for the lowest paying construction company once the pockets of the khadi sleeves of the ministers are brimming with bank currency.

2. The land acquisition will help the poor villagers earn a lot of  money without spending a drop of their perspiration. This in return would create a bunch of consumers who do not have any idea about the value of the money they are spending. Obviously, a spending spree from the poor folks who, waking up on a fine morning found their wallets full of currency would result in a sudden increase in the price of land, food and gold.

3. The acquisition of land gives a tremendous opportunity for the government and bureaucracy to cut down the trees and scratch out the last root of grass from the soil.

4. A magnanimous airport and its sleek construction would give an impression that the State is undergoing a tremendous period of development, even though power cuts and food and medicinal shortages are part of the daily life.

5. Some minister or MLA would boast of his or her role in bringing the airport to the State. This will garner some votes in the next assembly election, as the population is both blind and deaf.

6. By virtue of its very nature, a lazy and corrupt bureaucracy would maintain the balance of its corruption cycles from the money and comfort the airport project would bring them.

7. If there are more airports and consequently more treeless desert-like landscapes, Kerala would look much like Gulf countries, and especially UAE. The concept of development being constantly loaned from the UAE, the government would much appreciate any resemblance with the Gulf countries, at least in looks.     

Thus we can sum up the seven uses for an airport in Kerala.
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People of Aranmula, the place of the proposed airport, are in protest against the airport. All of them are requested to go through the above mentioned important points and cure themselves of their pitiful ignorance about how the system works. 


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