Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sreesanth; Is He the Guy?

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Yeshe is the one, who did the below mentioned.

S. Sreesanth had undeniably inflamed my curiosity in news channels and the print media. I do not entertain browsing much through the internet merely because it is one large sea of fake information, well mostly. If you see a title like “Sreesanth; Is He the Guy?” you might expect a shrewd piece of investigative journalism on the screen, but apparently, what you find is only a below average, pathetic blog post. I am not talking about prejudices about news heading lines here. When such a matter is under scrutiny, as spot fixing in cricket, undoubtedly, this question comes alive, though. Who prejudiced you and me towards headlines? Such and such headline must be some sort of an investigation. Such and such headline would mean the person in the news has damned himself. Who did this to our semi-hypocritical sense of judgment?

I have the answer. Satan.

In fact, it is time for me to confess that I digressed from the topic and pushed you over the rails into the chaos of “intellectual conundrum.” Let me be more practical, here. Confessions are the best way to be practical in front of the law enforcement as well as the social system. So I confess; I never paid much attention to the mass media. I was, well, I am, internet savvy. Nevertheless, I kept my distance with news channels and print media, mostly on the grounds of lack of trust and concern for my own healthy psychological environment.

Rape again, this time, a child of three years of age.
Murder again.

No, I am not completely out of my sanity, yet. The above-mentioned list is how our lives ‘are governed’, if we believe in spending much of our time with mass media. I am not playing Craig Fergusson. I swear. I am not saying the world is much better without any of the media out there. A certain sense of normalcy still reins my system. My disagreement springs from the fact that when I do not want to hear bad stuff, or when I am actually depressed and want to hear some good ‘news’, they stuff my ears with some creepy gruesome news of murder or rape or both. Yeah, I know these are not the only bad things out there.

Being the softhearted person, I have already proven myself to be; I would jump off from my sofa and go to my room for some silent contemplation, whenever they switched to news channels at home. I never had much to ‘know’. There was always the same thing, but in different details and colours, each time.

Suddenly, one day, Sreesanth came.

He came, I saw, and he conquered.

I felt bad about Sreesanth’s current situation. That very reason made me watch more and more TV. Surveying every news channel, I made mental notes of every new turn and twist in Sreesanth issue. Rather than spot fixing and the future of Indian cricket, I was interested in the tragedy of the young man, a Keralite. Come on, you must admit. See, I am not the only one here with a voyeuristic gene. Everyone likes to peep into the neighbor’s miseries, don’t they? I am a Keralite too and that is the allusion here.

Vindu Dara Singh
Image Courtesy: CNN IBN
Sreesanth is the one; I can say who brought me back to watching news on TV. The paradox still stands like the stumps of masculinity on the cricket ground—how can an already corrupted system incarcerate and judge another corrupted man, provided whatever the police are saying is true? Again paradox!

Did you see how Vindu Dara Singh was taken to custody, yesterday? No black face-covers like how they took Sreesanth and other players the previous week! What does this mean?

Anyway, there is something we all should give some attention to—handkerchiefs. Desdemona dropped it, Sreesanth held it. Both were guilty of something (jealously, may be) and made to suffer mortally.  

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