A Special Door

   May in this New Year each of us does not forget to leave behind stickers of memory, so that when your life is close to dullness and lack of memory a door opens, which takes you back, away from the labyrinth of confusion and uncontrollable splitting of selves, to the world and time which you cherish the best. 
           Hi readers, keep pondering over the resolutions you made the previous year, and making new ones. And while you get tired of thinking and in need of some refreshing thought, here is something special for all of you, published in another blog that I keep, Sidewalk. 
           "I woke up without a reeling head. Unusual; I thought. My gaze first fell upon the cell phone resting on the nearby chair that serves as my bed side table. A text message awaited me from a familiar number; after wishing a good morning back, I stared into the infinity of my closed room. Suddenly, something caught my attention there."

Read the rest here:http://open.salon.com/blog/side_walk/2011/12/31/the_sticker_day
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There is a correction here; within a few hours after publishing this article today, the number of readers has risen to 311
This is the finale of  The Season of Celebration. The series ends here. Happy New Year once again, all. 


Saru Singhal said…
I love the starting of the post on sidewalk, going there to read more...

Happy New Year:)
Saru Singhal said…
It was a beautiful piece. The stickers of memories is what actually is left behind...
ANULAL said…
Thank you Saru. Happy New Year!
Siju C Antony said…
I agree with @Saru :)
ANULAL said…
Thank you Siju.
Love the way its been written. Happy New Year. :-) http://thatsrohit.wordpress.com
Love the way its been written. Happy New Year. :-) http://thatsrohit.wordpress.com

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