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Swine Flu.

Dear readers, I am attempting a poem on Swine Flu this time. While writing this poem, I had one thing in my mind to share with you: hope. The disease has brought home great many troubles and hopelessness as a necessary repercussion. I wanted to make a change to this thought and to give a little comfort for the suffering lot. My poem ends with an affirmation of hope, which may seem unusual for some readers.I believe if you can conceive something, there are possibilities for that thing to happen in real. Let me remind you one more thing, the most usual things in the world, take place in a way that is mostly unusual! Swine Flu:..........................While the rain harvests the blossoms from the wild weeds, and the retreat of the sun behind the cloud veil becomes complete, the invisible organisms intrude into the skin and scions of human kind. It is the shadow wall of protection that had got undone. The folks wanted to play gambler, to test their luck to abate the …