Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madonna's Show in Holland.

Even the most thrilling and fantastic stories have to have its characters follow some common connections corresponding to age and physique, but if Madonna, the queen of pop, became the protagonist of any of the realistic narrative, she would be the most unreal character of the narrative, in terms of her age-physique relation.

Madonna had registered her success not only in music as a singer, but also, as a film producer, a song writer, an author, a fashion designer and in many other fields of activity.

The secrets of her youthfulness and energy, are only known to her. Even at about the age of 50, she is as charming and sexy as she was. She has already qualified for the epithet of "eternal youth" along with title "the queen of pop". Isn't it the controversies that come to your mind now? Controversies related with the adoption of kids and her "young husbands"? As for the adoption of kids, she deserves some credits for providing a more than decent living for those originally unprivileged kids. It is really painful to talk about children as privileged or under privileged. Now, they are her kids. Let they have a happy and peaceful life.

But there are some critics who claim possibilities of these kids falling under the cultural dilemma of being 'celebrated adopts' in the future. But the money and lifestyle and the world around Madonna that has its possibilities as an alternate world, or a self-reliant prosperous family, seems to be able to install the life of her adopted kids with necessary facilities hereafter.

Madonna's marriage with men of younger age is the next issue among the existing controversies. There are people who criticise this attitude of the singer, and media, which celebrates it as a hot savour. It might be these controversies that aroused the Catholic Church of Holland to raise opposition against the performance by Madonna in Holland on 14th August, the eve of Assumption of Mary. Or it might be, as one of my friends remarked, a cultural taboo for "her bare bums to raise the goose bumps". But this opinion is from an Indian youth, based on his understanding on the culture and taboos that he has seen around him. Did the Hollanders also feel the same? Catholic church failed and capitalism won!

I asked a question that made my friend, silent: "If men can marry women of younger age, why can't the women also do the same?"

Madonna's 'obsession' with younger men has thus been gone into a revolutionary phase. A higher instance for feminism. Who else in the world is capable of doing that! (Grin). Though this exclamation has its flavour of humour in it, it being one about a woman of an iconic personality, has to be acknowledged with its own seriousness. She can aptly identified as an icon for womanhood.

Even though the controversies followed her unabatedly, her personality hasn't shown any trace of defeat. She has only acquired more and more brightness as a star in the sky of success and fame. Both in life as well as in music, none equals Madonna other than herself.


Anonymous said...

Nice article Anulal. I'd like to point out that the Assumption of Mary was on the 15th of August, which is also India's Independence and my birthday as well. And being a Leo myself, I'd say that she does not have an obsession with young men, but rather the men she has been attracted to have been young. I believe there is a difference.

Anu Lal said...

Thank you Carolena for the valuable comment. And Madonna's ability to attract young and old alike is marvellous. I myself is a fan of the deva. I think you misunderstood me. I was actually trying to criticize those attitudes, which blame Madonna, on her life-style.

And I agree with what you said:"that she does not have an obsession with young men, but rather the men she has been attracted to have been young. I believe there is a difference."

Sujata said...

Very cool post Anulal.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anu Lal said...


Anonymous said...

OH no need to apologize, for what? No worries!

Anya said...

FANTASTIC post :)))))
I have seen Madonna :)
She is a wonderful person !!!

Anu Lal said...

Oh that is really nice to hear from you. I haven't seen her yet.I hope I can sometime in the future.Any way, thank you for your comment.