Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

A man with the power over the multitude, who in his every movement can create wonders, whose voice can echo in the four corners of the earth, is nothing short of a super hero. But you can call him Michael Jackson, as well.

Being a middle class Indian, for me, Michael Jackson is a musical super hero. I have only seen and heard him through his songs and videos. I think, for so many others around the globe, MJ, would be a similar experience. And for those so many and me, around the world, MJ is still there as a dancing figure, and as the King of Pop. Why should one believe that he is dead, if his presence has still been experienced in the same way and intensity? The world is celebrating his birthday as ever.His publicity hasn't decreased even after his physical death.

They say that music has no death. It can also be said that successful musicians also survive forever. M. J was also a successful musician and so is over powering his death. It is not only true with musicians, but also true with people associated with art in general. But why do we remember Hitler and how is he still existing in our thoughts, though, as a despicable figure?The answer is, we remember the darkest nights and the brightest days with the same poignancy. The distinction, is love, which decides the intimacy.

In the journey of life, every individual covers a definite distance or steps. This distance covered, or steps climbed, decides whether they would be remembered and how. In other words, it is the journey we undertake that decides our future "after death". Even though this statement seems ridiculous, this has a varied sense of meanings. Questions like 'Is there a life after death?' Or ' Is death an end of life?', are even asked today. As I wrote in one of my early blog posts titled "Monsoon", life is a process that encompass even death. Death, thus, is not the end of it, but a new diversion that life takes,which is unknown and incomprehensible for the living beings in any other state of existence.

M. J will be remembered in the pop culture as the King. It is also true that this sentence is controversial. M. J as an individual is unbound in a cultural space. He has obviously influenced and is influencing cultures and people all over the world.

Among his works, what I always recommend are, those songs, which were dedicated for world peace and environmental justice, like "Heal the world". If any song that could be considered his master piece that one would come undoubtedly from these numbers.

M. J always stood for justice and humanity, through his songs. But what an injustice that has been showed toward his dead body. Here is a request,in the humblest voice, give him a true burial...

Happy Birthday, MJ. The World still hears you...


Anya said...

Happy Birthday
to the KING of the POP ^___^

Jan Mader said...

Happy Birthday indeed! And I totally agree with you. It's time he had a respectful decent burial.

Anu Lal said...

Thank you so much for your messages!