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The World of Thoughts

Getting the "right" kind of education is as significant as being educated. But almost 75% of the world's population of students are being deprived of quality education disregarding the socio-economic or cultural standards of the countries to which they belong. The "right kind of education" is not something that can be perceived in the curriculum or in the syllabus of the educational institution, but it is the collective influence of all these factors upon the individual student, under which the student will become capable of adhering himself without causing any unnecessary tension, to the social order and at the same time, will be able to question the very notion of 'society' itself with cogent critical perspectives. The absence of such a condition is what makes some say, there can be seen more wisdom sometimes in the uneducated people than, the educated. The university products will only be labelled to be the university wits and fail to address any o…