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Rain is God's touch. People may ask who, God is and what. I will not say anything, except that I don't know because, God is a language, which the one who knows that language, can only understand. Rain also is a language, thus; a language, which I love and live through. The life that I am talking about is not just the beating of a heart or breathing or the winking of eyes. These are just a few manifestations of life and not life. The meaning of life if not defined, would make it more meaningful. Life never ends. It includes the living presence of the body in interaction with similar and dissimilar things and circumstances, and also its death. Life continues to exist even after the death of the body. Life exists in the stopping of heart beats, struggling for breath, and in the permanently closed eyelids. These are some changes in the manifestations of life, representing a transformation. Just like what occurred in one rainy day with one of my students.

It had been raining for th…