Friday, July 24, 2009

Fla. Hospital Deporting Patient: Why "Yes"?

What I understand about hospitals, from my meager sense of common understanding is that hospitals are set up for the sake of protecting those people who suffer from the lack of health and inefficiency for maintaining common human physiological functions properly. Well, let me stress, what I understand is that hospitals are for treating those who are suffering from the lack of health. Am I right? I think the subjectivity of this article might be creating some problems for those who think that it is not the suitable method that should be adopted for an article. But the matter I am going to raise here, in this platform, is something personal. The topic I am going to talk, is about someone of mine own species: a human being.

In more explicit terms this article is a sign of bewilderment on the number of "NO" s that I have seen in the voting counter in this site----|main|dl1|link3|

under the the news item:
Fla. Hospital Sued for Deporting Patient”. ( No offenses meant for the site.)

The one and only problem that I have, is with the answer that most people considered right for the question- "Was the hospital right to send Jimenez to Guatemala?” . Most people answered "Yes" to this question.

The news was about an illegal immigrant being sent out of the country, when he was in high need to get a medical aid. And as my scanty knowledge points out, the duty of a hospital is to treat the patients, and not to check their nationalities. Arguments, which says about such issues that are causes for serious law and order issue, in the society due to the illegal immigration, contains weight. But in this context the hospital has failed to perform its duty toward a needy human being. The legal formalities can be fulfilled late as well. The treatment was the necessary thing, from which the hospital authorities evaded themselves off.

This incident has brought another set of almost similar situations to my mind. In Kerala, the hospitals in which a considerably good treatment is available are under private ownership. The government owned hospitals here are poor in facilities and unbearable in their lack of hygiene. Thousands of people are there who depend on these government hospitals and meet their death unwillingly. There are hardly any choices. Death becomes the ultimate repercussion of the lack of money because the private owned hospitals charge the patients with such huge amounts of money that they might be unable to pay it, even if they sell themselves. In a way, it is a kind of expulsion of the needy from the source, not only by the private owners, but also by the government.

This shows that, everywhere in the world, the right to live is, limited to those who are wealthy and identified as "legal" in the specific socio-cultural context. There is an assertion of hopelessness in these lines, I know. That hopelessness, is a result of my shock from seeing the lesser number of reader's response toward the patient of the Fla hospital sue issue, which shows the majority view and the necessity for me to keep quiet. But I believe that Martin Memorial Medical Center have not to pay for a lifetime of care, for Luis Jimenez, for if they were to pay, what would the government hospitals of Kerala do, who have caused so many Luis Jimenez to deport from their lives!!


Terri said...

I saw that article I was going to post a comment on it but some of those people are mean spirited and argumentive. And I really didn't want to deal with them.

I guess for me I just got down to thinking... what if... what if there were no county barriers, politics, immigaration laws or financial burdens to anyone and fairness. There would still be this man who was hit by a driver that left him in the condition he is....does anyone one want to take care of him?

But this is a hot topic and complicated issue here in the US. Especially when it is so expensive for the legal citizens who pay taxes and don't have health insurance to get a measure of care. And then some one who came illegally gets more and better heath care than they do and at no cost to them.

So that's your Tia's 2 cents on the matter.

So If I come to India you are saying I don't want to get taken care of at a government runned hospital...good to know.

Anu Lal said...

All the goodness is yours...

Anya said...

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You are welcome !!

BDW You are a good writter,
my compliments :)

Anya :)

Anu Lal said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Anya.

Renee said...

That is so crazy isn't it?

Thank you for the compassion you have shown me.

Love Renee xoxo

Anu Lal said...

You are welcome Renee. Thank you so much for your comment.