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Kerala Under Fever Threat!

In Malabar, it is the season of rain; the season of monsoon. But people are under the clutch of heat. Don't be mislead by this statement. It is not the heat of the season that I am referring to, the monsoon season is usually damp and cold but the heat mentioned here is actually from fever! The majority of the population is on the fever bed. The H1N1 flu, dengue, malaria, chikungunia, tomato fever, and so many other strange named, and mysterious types of fevers, inflict people's lives even causing them their death.

The general cause, which can be summed up is the climate change, which provided the apt situations for the germs to perpetrate. There have been no precise statements made yet from the part of the government or from the health department on the causes. Simply because there are not much studies carried out on this topic and no one knows what is happening, except that someone is getting high temperature on one day, limbs being swelled up making the patients unable to walk on the other, and someone is getting itch all over the body, even after the fever subsided.

No one knows anything except the newspaper reports, which say people died of swine flu, dengue fever and so on. What the hell is happening! Is it some kind of a tribulation from hell? Is the end of the world near? Is this a foreboding for the end of the whole humanity? The fever can affect any one, even me, while I am writing this article, and anybody else, even the one from the ditches of privation or the palaces of wealth!

The matter for great distress is that no medicine is quite effective toward these viruses. The only suggestion that doctors make is, to take rest.

What are the reasons for it? Who is responsible for it? Some newspapers and the leaders of the opposition blame the government for not taking any sufficient steps for stopping the spread of the viruses. But I don't think so. Is the government responsible for providing free medicines in the government hospitals and health centers? Is the government responsible for not carrying out sufficient studies to understand the causes and cures for the virus?

Well, why do everyone expect answers for such stupid questions!

(I am not bluffing the American model "communism" as commented by Noam Chomsky in his "Responsibility of the Intellectuals"( I forgot the page number), in which he substantiates how the odd voices of the society is calmed and silenced through the labeling of an individual, if that one questions the government, as a communist, one of the most despicable terms in the US, and confining the individual into the dark dungeon of alienation. As a matter of fact, these all are the duties of the government according to the Indian constitution.)

Being a citizen of this state, it is my duty to protect the state and the government from such verbal attacks. So I hereby declare that I am going to inscribe the real cause for the fever. It is as follows:

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Tarun Mitra said…
More we grow, more vulnerable we became. Well thats a fact. Human beings were able to survive, because they were able to survive germs. Now the same medicines which fight them became useless because the same bacterias (whatever u call it germs or bacteria) get immune to them. Therefore a new version of disease gets a life and strikes. We have exploited ourselves to such extent that it is quite natural that we face its consequences.

And government, its nothing but a reflection of our society. If society is lethargic, then government will be lethargic.
anulal said…
You said right. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful article. The thoughts have been put together very well. I do agree with you the climatic changes do aid the spread of this at a rapid phase.
Terri said…
A serious matter...but is that closing comment some of you witt?

Again so very well written.
Anya said…
So well written
So lovely and great words
The climatic changes are a problem fot the whole world !!!

Have a great weekend
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)
ANULAL said…
Thank you every one for taking time to read me.

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