Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"Some people feel their need to protect this world. For this, they die and resurrect. And they call it a part of their destiny."

Michael Jean Jackson, was a pop star, reigning at the peak of his fame and prosperity. One day, he felt the need to listen to himself. Not like something that he had done until that day. But a new vision, a new thought. And he realized that a new individual was growing inside him!

Eventually he decided to listen. But for a pop legend, listening to himself, other than to his multi-millionaire sponsors, is a matter, less short of death. So he decided to die...

"But, when the world was mourning on the loss of their beloved singer...the 'hell' was being lighted up by the one, rose from the dead."- The one and only, Michael: the mightiest!!

Read and feel the ground rocking tale! The Indian Commentator presents: MICHAEL: THE MIGHTIEST.

"A tale untold, yet."


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