Friday, November 14, 2008

What a hell!


I have just returned to my room after watching the seven o’clock news. It took a little time to register into my mind where I am. I have seen a visual during the news which petrified me completely.

That visual was of an incident, occurred in a college in Tamil Nadu. I forgot the name of the college, because my senses were all numbed when I saw what that was. A student was being beaten like a snake or a mad dog! A crowd was gathered outside the gate of the college. Police men were also there in the crowd. The police only showed their indifference, when a number of students were beating a single student with huge sticks in their hands!

What happened to the Tamils? The land where art is worshipped as sculptures and shrines, the place which is known for its love and brotherhood, how, into such a disgrace, fell?

Oh, I have to show a little restraint! What happened was, an out cry for the oppressed human rights! I haven't forgotten where I am living. I am a Malayalee and that itself is the disqualification for writing such an article. Because the whole of this so-called “God’s own country” is wearied of peace and harmony. From student’s strikes to hartals, every protest, some how, ends up in violence!

I think, in this way, we are proving what the western people once said about Orientals-“A group of people who are still lagging behind in human evolution.”

Let me remind you that violence is the most uncivilized way for expressing your protest. Animals resort to violence when they feel unsecured or agitated. You might have seen new born babes, crying for milk why do they cry and scream? Because they don’t know how to ask!

Think. We know many ways to communicate our thoughts and needs. whether violence or peace, the choice is ours. But remember – the feelings of loss, pain, and agony still persist in this world. Tears still roll down from the eyes. Still mothers love their children, and still we are being called humans!!!

Let the Indian Commentator remind you this…..

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