Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Valorous

Blessed Himalay wailed in woe,
For his pals fell down by foe!
In the city of fortune, when,
In terror, shaken, was nation.
Soldiers they neither went back,
Nor they cried. But raised the croak,
Of those castrated raw beings,
For their country and fellow beings.
Each one was a league in self,
Enough to seize one thousand’s half!
Though fell but yet proud is land,
On their valour and might hard.
Blessed Himalay will smile soon,
Indians come in one platoon,
We will blot off those dark marks,
On our pride, in bravest ways!
There is still left, brave, un-count.
In this land of treasure unbound.
Dare, don’t evil raise your eye,
You will taste pains and will die!

The Indian Commentator salutes those brave Indian Soldiers, the brave sons of the nation, who fought bravely and lost their lives in the battle against terrorism.

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