Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Poem on Asin

Today I have decided to comment on, none other than the gorgeous, ever charming-Asin. The south Indian actress, who is preparing for a debut in Hindi through Aamir Khan starred GHAJINI. Here we go….
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Let me tell you in my words, 
How deep you are in me veins…
I first saw you in a place,
Called dream merchant’s gleam palace!
You, just like a fairy, came.
Conquered all those untamed hearts.
Like a star in darkest night,
You came to my life’s long plight,
For making it heavenly delight,
For showing an unknown light!
I have touched and seen roses.
But those like your juicy lips,
I have neither seen nor touched.
Thus you made me your bewitched.
Your tresses are darker than,
Darkest nights, I can’t explain.
Nose, yours is one sculpture, fine.
Kissing it, I’m on cloud nine!
Eyes are emeralds, teeth are pearls.
White like marble, are your legs.
Zephyr each day kisses your flanks.
Butterflies haunt for your hands.
Breasts are charming lotus buds.
O, please hear me at least once,
Let me tell you in my words,

How deep you are in my veins….

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