Monday, November 17, 2008

Senior's Plight!

Senior citizens have the right for a seat reserved in both private owned and state owned transport buses, of Kerala, India. If there is an international reader, reading this post, sorry, for the regional partiality that the author is showing.

This is my duty. I am delivering my duty towards the society which bread and fostered me, from my childhood, though the care was through negligence! When a person grows old, he or she should be provided with enough comforts by the younger generation. This is what absent here.

I invite your attention to the private buses. In many of the private buses, running through the phenomenal roads of Kerala, they are cunningly concealing the “senior citizen” mark, above the reserved seats for the old people. In some buses stickers are also used to obliterate the writing-“senior citizen”!

If the senior citizen is getting in a bus, it is with the kindness of some school or college students- probably school students-which the old person can procure their “concession”!

Where is the Human Rights Commission? Where is the UNO? Where is the American V.S--Obama?
My mind is screaming. Dear friend, I have found one of my hairs, white in a nightmare!!!

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