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Paul: Alien Revelations

An alien hasn’t ever been any different!
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A UFO crash-lands upon a dog. A little girl was the only witness to this incident. The girl saved the alien who flew the flying object, and hid him in her basement. Later, the military came investigating and found the alien being. From then onwards the alien being was kept with the military of the USA. He was about three feet tall, with a larger head than humans have. In fact, he looked much like the popular representation of the grey aliens.    

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His name is Paul and he was given an assignment in the US military base to share his knowledge and technology with the government. Paul even helps Stephen Spielberg with his idea for E.T. So, now the world knows where the story came from. However, the government now wanted his most important ability; the ability to heal. For which they wanted his brain. In other words, to kill him. Paul did not find any other way, but to run for his life.

Clive Gollings (played by Nick Frost) and Graeme Willy (played by Simon Pegg) are from Britain. They are currently in America for attending the annual San Diego Comic-Con International. They are so involved with comics and ‘quest for’ extraterrestrial life that they had another plan too, much like any other UFO enthusiast. They are taking a road trip in their RV to visit Area 51, the mysterious aviation test site, famous for its alleged extraterrestrial presence.

The US army had never directly referred the site before; however, according to Reuters and other world media today (17 August 2013), the US military has finally accepted the existence of Groom Lake, or Area 51. Among Ufologists, this area is significant as the testing facility for alien technology. As is evident from the beginning of the story, Paul is not a great driver. He crashes the car in which he was running for his life. On a highway in Nevada, near Area 51, the two friends, Clive Gollings and Graeme Willy meets Paul.
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Clive Gollings and Graeme Willy decide to help Paul escape from the crooked agents who chase him. They embark upon a journey in their RV with him, the talking, smocking, ass kicking, joking, dancing and wise Paul, the alien. This journey transforms their lives. On their way to take Paul, ‘wherever he wants to go’, they meet Ruth Buggs, daughter of Moses, a Christian fundamentalist. She finds the journey transformative too. There is a lot of anti-God talk in the movie, when Paul explains to Ruth the working of the universe.

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It is also curious to note the attitude the movie shows towards sexualities. Although in the case of God, the story line adheres to stricter scientific norms, when addressing the relationship between Clive Gollings and Graeme Willy (strictly friends), the movies goes bleak and hollow. Often, other characters, including Paul question Clive Gollings and Graeme Willy about their sexuality. It gives the impression that the preferable sexual type is hetero even in an extraterrestrial habitation. Homo somehow finds a ridiculous undertone throughout the movie. Scientific outlook, uh?!     

Paul is released in 2011 and is directed by Greg Mottola. Seth Rogen gives voice to the animated character of Paul. It is a sci-fi movie, but supremely hilarious. More than the sci-fi element, I enjoyed the heartfelt humour of Paul, the alien.  
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You might wonder what had happened to that dog upon which the alien spacecraft crashed. Make an intellectual guess. TIC cannot show gruesome scenes, as of now, at least.   

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