Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Times will be back

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It is often easy to say that we are stuck in the sea of negative energy. Having confined amidst hard times, one is often unable to perform his best in the commitments to the self as well as to others. However, in the post-relativity-theory world we should be extremely careful talking about good and bad. The evil upper hand the theory of relativity provided some of us is this imposing confusion.

Is it actually a bad time for all of us? Or is it just our way of looking at things?

If we are faltering in our commitments and personal goals, and hide behind the comforting reasons of it being a bad time for good things to happen, then we are making the most of it, no matter if it is good times or bad. We have to look at our reality, (talking about the physical reality here) with a perspective less tainted by parochial subjectivism. When we replace “I”, “me”, and “you” with “we” and “us” the resulting picture of the world is where we need to look for good times or bad times.

It is evident that one cannot subtract his or her subjectivity entirely from one’s personality. What is needed is an assimilation of the self into the totality of the picture. That is why “we” or “us”, in which the individual is part of the collective totality and the analysis would at least be neither too objective to be unimpressive nor too subjective to be limited.

In the analysis, I considered myself part of the large world and studied the bias of the times. I find it being a bad time, for us all. Yes, we are living through bad times, period. I am not imposing this idea or being indignant.
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In India, currency is crumbling down. They are banning some food items*, because it is too costly, and distributing booze, instead, for it is suited for making people bear the burden. The world is expecting a war from all the corners. Chemical weapons sear the skins and bodies of infants and small kids. Men and women suffer the worst heartaches and find no consolation from anywhere. Most of them, obviously have forgotten how to pray. God, for most of the university wits, is a matter of academic metaphor or naïve sentimentality.

The list goes on. Tell me if there is something the other way round, in this upside down world of morons. I am not distrustful of the power of Patience; I am just reminding you the power of anger and the challenge of the chaos. When the world outside us is chaotic, our minds become chaotic. The good thing about chaos is that it is the candle bearer of creation. So let’s hope, good times will be back.    

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*From 29 August 2013, onwards chicken products will not be available in Kerala, because of the price hike by the government.

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