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A Good Day To Die Hard

  Saturday Flick
The shit we do for our kids.” John McClane
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A Good Day To Die Hard is a machine gun swirling, car knocking, and chopper thrashing action movie. For those who spend their days in the idle niche carved out by lazy routines, A Good Day To Die Hard is a good past time endeavor. A Good Day To Die Hard does not change your believes or affect your faith in God. It does not also give you any existential questions to ponder.
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A Good Day To Die Hard is based on Characters by Roderick Thorp. Bruce Willis plays John McClane, the ferocious detective. Jai Courtney plays Jack McClane, John McClane’s son. As a father, John McClane is concerned about Jack, as he believes the prodigal son is a drug addict and is spoiling his life away in Russia. John McClane is off duty, much like Sheriff Ray in The Last Stand.   

In A Good Day To Die Hard, once again, an older person becomes a crucial force-factor in a political and ‘social change’. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand also portrayed an older person. These movies are able to garner box office success as well. This shows that there is some way these grandpa-action movies communicate with the audiences. Of course, Bruce and Arnold fans overlap into divergent age groups. However, the significance of older people as game turners in action movies should not be undermined.

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I wonder if there are surveys that study the age group of moviegoers based on the age of the protagonist. If anyone stumbles across a survey, please feel free to share it into the comment box below.               

A Good Day To Die Hard invokes many anti-Russian sentiments, many of them hilarious as they become a farce on American heroism. After John McClane reaches Russia in search for his son, he encounters a bunch of thugs chasing his son around the city.

Hold on to your seats, fellas. Here we go!
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Mentioning anything else from here onwards would be spoiling the fun. I would not prefer doing that about this one. A Good Day To Die Hard is an action movie directed by John Moore and written by Skip Woods, with enough situations to catch yourself roaring in a hearty belly laugh. I loved that portion about nuclear radiation.

Bruce Willis, you are awesome!    
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