Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Resurrection; Phase 9

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I have work to do, I decided right there inside the bus. I had a journey to make, a journey inward. In my outward journey, it seemed I had forgotten quite a bit from my essence. Not just poetry, but also people. I do not know why I thought about this loss now. Perhaps, one realization brings with it a deluge of several others. I realized it was time to reconnect with poetry; and with this realization followed the awareness that I rarely talked with my friends and also with my beloved ones these days.

Worse still, I was not even communicating with my heart.

Then the remedy started pouring in from an unknown source. The percussions of a khawali and the vocals of some sufi music started vibrating inside my veins. Then words started to flow.

I-poems, once again blessed me. 

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