Friday, April 5, 2013

The Resurrection; Phase 4

Image Courtesy: Google
One day, in the previous week, at the college I teach for survival, in a Computer Science class, I inquired if anyone of the students has something creative to share, just to kill time. Someone said a girl wrote poems in Malayalam. When I looked at her, she smiled and sat back shyly. There was an evident inhibition. That was their common problem and as a teacher I could not help them overcome this yet. They were not very confident to express themselves in public.

Then another name came into voice. She writes English poems…someone shouted. In order to overcome the communication gap that is built up between inhibition and thought, this is what they did—they shouted from among other students. They could shout in a crowd.  

This student of mine, however, did not show any inhibition. It was different. She was the topper in the class.

She stood up and read from her paper. Words flowed forth and blessed all the ears it touched and all the minds that drank from the stream of meaningfulness. 

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