Monday, April 1, 2013

The Geometry of Loneliness: An Afterword

The miracle of life unravels in a journey. The end signifies the unknown and the journey, the known. A traveler keeps one foot in the unknown and another in the known. In this journey, the traveler faces stages of exhaustion and loneliness among everything else that he or she encounters.

This journey is yours and mine. This journey has a meaning and a pace. 

The Geometry of Loneliness is about this exhaustion and the resulting loneliness—an attempt to come to terms with both. Writing i-poems is always a rejuvenating process for me.

With the previous poem, the present series, The Geometry of Loneliness has come to a closure.

Thank you all, for reading, commenting, and of course, shying from commenting as well. For those who visited these poems and blessed these words with their attention, a million thanks.

May the Path be merciful towards us all and show us the red shine of the horizon before we tire and give up the good fight.

May all the minds we hurt by leaving them behind in the journey keep us in their memories, until we return with our dreams conquered and our battles won.

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