Saturday, March 12, 2011

You and Me

"If you look for answers in love, the questions will never end. The answer is Love itself."

What if
I hold the right
To die for you more than
Being alive myself;
What if I love you more than
You ever thought
And what if my love's infinity
Is always away an unknown distance
From the nearness of-
Your loved ones from you?
What if I am you?


Always Happy said...

Unconditional deep love!

Hey Anu, how are you doing? Sorry I have not been able to visit your page for a long time. I have been bit irregular in the blogosphere due to my long vacation and post vacation busy work schedule. I shall try and catch up with all your previous posts that I missed.

Always Happy

Anu Lal said...

So nice of you. Take care. All the best,