Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pak-China Bhai Bhai!

India accused Pakistan for its direct involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks, occurred a few months back. The government of India has declared its stand in the battle against terrorism and provided all the evidences needed for proving Pakistan’s sinister interests. Not only in the Mumbai attacks, but also in the Pakistan sponsored infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir, India has proven without any doubt the direct involvement of Pakistan.

Taking for granted the stand of the government of India, we can see that Pakistan’s political agenda, ever since its formation was the anti-India policy, which is nurtured by our not-so-friendly-neighbourhood, the country of China. We must not forget that they have shown their intentions quite clearly to India before.

Pakistan’s politics had tried to give the anti-Indian policy, with which they exerted influence and gained support from the Islamic population of the country, an ideological persona. Now it’s the turn to, modify that ideological apparatus into a system, with its own order, law, economy and power.

‘System’ is a highly scientific word. Whenever an ideology or a theory takes the form of a system, it will assume an identity. That identity is not that of the ideology, not that of the theory, not that of the social milieu, and not that of the people involved in it but that of its own. This identity might have relations with each of those components in the system, but the interaction of the system with the components will be one sided, that is, from the system to the component and not vice versa. The exertion of power includes itself as a major impetus in those interactions. Thus a system assumes the form of an autonomous entity, with an identity of its own, or we can put it as a self-reliant organism with multifarious one-sided interactive components.

This is what happening in Pakistan. For giving the ideological apparatus, the form and influence of a system, the Pakistani government has signed a pact with the Taliban, allowing them to establish their system of law and order in the Afghan boarder of Pakistan.

The recent attack on the Sri-Lankan cricket team in Pakistan is showing that the “system” has started “functioning”. As it is said, it will become out of control from the government’s hands and will start working of its own. It will cause serious threats to the peace loving parts of the world.

China would also suffer from Pakistan- even though they have supported them- from the legion of terror blooming in the Pak soil, just like how America has suffered from Taliban, on 9/11. As a matter of fact, USA had supported Taliban in order to vanquish the Russian power in the cold war, which is not a secret any more.

It is not the role that USA will play, raises the Indian concerns, but the role that China is going to add to the Pakistan-Taliban drama. We must not forget that during the Mumbai attacks, the explosives and guns seized from the terrorists were made in China. From this, one thing is very clear, that is, “even though the bullets were fired by Pakistan, it were made by China”!

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