Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A bewailing writer.

Violence is the most uncivilized way of expressing our protest, I state.

Actually, I wanted to write an article about terrorism, that terrorism is a crime; it has many faces, unlike what Indian politicians’---“terrorism is a whole some of vice, and has nothing to do with religion. No religious person can be a terrorist and no terrorist belongs to any religion.”---Clich├ęs;That terrorism is linked to religions--What happened in Gujarat was Hindu terrorism, what is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan is Islamic terrorism, what happened in centuries of Papal dominance in West was Christian terrorism;

That religion itself is developed as an oppressive device of the state and power structures,That ideologies are not all free from terrorist activities—what happened in West Bengal last year, was Marxist terrorism, and now in Palestine is Capitalist terrorism,That, as in criminology each and every criminal group has its own “style” in carrying out their operations, these terrorist ‘cults’ also have their own distinct ways in carrying out their operations-- as the attacks by Al-Quaida can be discriminated from the attacks by LTTE, terrorism also can be identified separately, in the name of the religions.

I wanted to write about all these things. But could not.

What hinders me is the plight of our own people. I feel pity for them, who resort to violence for their vested interests, for the interests of the community, and for politics. There are many ways to express your protest, other than violence, and assaults. But when the people of my country, my surroundings, my beloved ones themselves, act violence, how can I be eligible to write against terrorism!

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