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JULY 4: Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Every Independence Day is a moment to pause and look back in the political life of a nation. It’s like Birthday for a human being. You don’t need to celebrate it, if you wish so. However, each year, on that specific day on which one is born, the overwhelming sense of gratitude to parents, siblings, loved ones, friends and above all to the Most High, conquers one. Everyone feels it and from the standpoint of this centre of gratitude views the past with the pain and/or the awe of loss and present with the peace of hope. It is a day of coming to terms with the past and present. Celebration in the physical sense, perhaps, does not mean much. However, missing a chance to feel the grandeur of thoughts and internal awareness is, apparently a bad idea. From an individual point of view, taking a second glance at past events would greatly help in developing a sense of gratitude towards every moment alive. Thankfulness towards every blessing one has been receiving throughout also makes the indiv…