Monday, July 7, 2014


Creating something new is like cleaning a well. Each time you go down, one is sure to come up with something new. Sometimes, this might be something gruesome, sometimes curious, and occasionally pleasant. However, each time, the excitement is renewed. We experience the joy of discovery.

I have not known a single individual, who could not experience this sense of wonder about the things that he or she faces when one becomes active in creation. Of course, you got me, I am about to suggest, creation is Divine. I have no doubt about that whatsoever.

The same excitement was coursing through my mind when I started a blog, about six years back in Google blogger, which still is a free and easy-to-use service. “The Indian Commentator”—I named my blog. It has become a part of my life. I have written hundreds of posts for my blog, through these years and thousands of people from all over the planet visit my blog, each week.

It has become a part of my life.

All I wanted to achieve over the years was to write well and good stuff. The contents of my blog range from film reviews to book reviews, social criticism to academic sarcasm and humour.

By this time, you must have understood that I am shooting the bull around without reaching anywhere specific. You are right, my friend. I am unsure of how to tell you this. This is such a wonderful thought.

I was sitting at my home, after lunch on a hazy Sunday noontime. And this thought crossed my mind.

It is also true that I was thinking along this line for some time, but all those thoughts were mere thoughts and I did not have any idea how to make it practical.

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My dear friend, creating something new is like cleaning a well. You are going deep down in your mind to pick up the residues and other exclusive gems hidden there. Our mind is a reflection of what the universe is made of. An intelligent design has an active hand in creating and maintaining the cosmic happenings. The intelligence that we observe in the cosmos is unclassified, open.

The source of intelligence might be hidden, but cosmic intelligence is open to all. It cares for all, irrespective of race, gender, nationality and any other bias.

As a writer, I always attempt to tap into the creative intelligence that creates and controls the cosmos and learn from it. How could I or anyone else achieve that state?

“Treat others the same way you want them to treat you” __Luke 6:31, NASB   

You have your answer within this statement. First thing to note, would of course be the sentiment of this sentence. It doesn’t show any religious empathy. This statement purely emphasises the presumed conduct of a seeker of truth. If you are a seeker of truth, the answer is in that statement, open and free for your contemplation.
If you replace the word meaning of ‘others’ with cosmos, rather than within a strict social context, you will read the sentence like this. You will see the Unclassified Intelligence right in front of you.

“Treat cosmos the same way you want cosmos to treat you.”

If you expect unclassified intelligence from the cosmos, be open yourself, first. If you open your mind, the wisdom lying at the bottom of you spiritual consciousness, bring it forth, and you will see the cosmos doing the same. You will see the cosmic intelligence going unclassified, for you and for all. This is the path of a writer.

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