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JULY 4: Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Every Independence Day is a moment to pause and look back in the political life of a nation. It’s like Birthday for a human being. You don’t need to celebrate it, if you wish so. However, each year, on that specific day on which one is born, the overwhelming sense of gratitude to parents, siblings, loved ones, friends and above all to the Most High, conquers one. Everyone feels it and from the standpoint of this centre of gratitude views the past with the pain and/or the awe of loss and present with the peace of hope. It is a day of coming to terms with the past and present. Celebration in the physical sense, perhaps, does not mean much. However, missing a chance to feel the grandeur of thoughts and internal awareness is, apparently a bad idea. From an individual point of view, taking a second glance at past events would greatly help in developing a sense of gratitude towards every moment alive. Thankfulness towards every blessing one has been receiving throughout also makes the individual prone to future errors of similar nature one had committed before.

For a nation celebrating Independence Day, glancing back to the past and perspectives about the present and future are equally important. It may not be that much about the roar of festivities and excitement of celebrations. The best way to “celebrate” any independence day would be to keep a silent harmony internally. Through this silent internal harmony, one can unfetter one’s thoughts to wander the path of realizations and learning. Of course, this process of silent contemplation is not just national, objective, or even social. Society cannot think on its own, neither can nations. It is you, who can think. The silent internal harmony I am discussing here is essentially personal. It’s internal, non-violent, affirmative in its evocative quality, sweet and fulfilling.

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The Bible presents a unique way of conveying this concept, when it says, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”__Matthew 4:4 [New International Version]. The physicality of “living” or existence is traded with spirituality, in this statement. And of course, the latter finds greater significance as the Highest Source of Awareness, is involved with the “words coming out”. These words that come out of God’s mouth may not be literal alphabets or sentences. On the other hand, as Dr. Eben Alexander puts it in his book, The Proof of Heaven, these “words coming out of God’s mouth” are “the reality of a world of consciousness that existed completely free of the limitations of …[our] physical brain (9).”

In order to find harmony with this higher level of Consciousness and to receive the gifts it has to offer one must enter into a meditative mood. This is what I meant by silent harmony. A day full of partying, blaring music, liquor, and time out with friends might be greatly exhilarating for one’s muscles. However, the mind part gets lesser and lesser attention from us. We are attending a time in the history of humanity when we are more aware of the predominant psychic implications of being alive and its spiritual sides. We are living at an age when having an ‘out of body experience’ is not at all superstition, but reasonable experience like any other reasonable experiences we have. A book like Proof of Heaven is one example of this inclination in the thought process of our generation. If one is familiar with the research conducted by Carl G. Jung, the twentieth century psychoanalyst, there is reason why one should not find my arguments surprising. Carl G. Jung had already laid out his concepts about a consciousness that connects and links all. Synchronicity, he called it.

When an individual is tuned to receive from the non-physical omnipresent consciousness, the time he or she spends is well spent. However, “celebration”, in the way they are treat this noun now, have a very sneaky way of taking us away from attaining this internal silent harmony. Let us move forward into a dimension of higher consciousness and find our harmony with everything and everyone around us.  

On the eve of the celebrations of July 4, I would like to give this message to my family, relatives, friends, and readers in the United States of America. My message has two parts to it. One: Be positively personal while you “celebrate” this Independence Day. Two: Silent internal harmony rather than chaotic noise can bring home the message you require to make your life a better place.

Life is better when it is meaningful. My life has been made meaningful by my books and the humble blog that I keep. I am very much indebted to the people of the USA, for supporting me as a blogger first, and then as an author. Two of my books are printed in the USA, at present. I must say how happy I feel after winning the hearts of some loyal readers, who write to me encouraging letters and share their views in my Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

I have derived great inspiration and wisdom from the authors and books from your wonderful land. I desire to give something back to the people of the United States of America for your continued support, as an author, blogger, and book reviewer. As a gesture of love and friendship, I will be hosting an article by my friend Dr. hülya n yılmaz, author of Trance, a freelance editor and a Liberal Arts college professor, on July 4, here on The Indian Commentator. Her insightful article shares a crucial message to people of all ages and classes. The importance of her message is not just limited to one nation in particular. It has a universal value and transcending significance.  

One last piece of information; the kindle version of The Indian Commentator, Unclassified Intelligence, will be free to download, on July 4.

Happy Independence Day, USA.

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Mari Collier said...

Nice peace, but I realized years ago that the time spent in prayers is the same as meditating.