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The Resurrection; Phase 2

What made me decide to try the series of i-poems titled The Geometry of Loneliness:Confessions of a Lonely Traveler is beyond any surprise. I must have done them anyway. These poems were within me, they had already been written on my soul.
Life, journey, lessons and whatever one leaves behind as part of the journey of life ended up in these words as poems with only one intention—bringing them back to life, in a resurrection.  
The Geometry of Loneliness is about the journey of life. These poems are a journey in themselves. They taught me how to feel intensely about what I, the traveler left behind and how I can look at the losses and temporary distances with a peaceful mind. The mind was anxious and tried, but was learning ways to come to terms with the reality of the journey—that is pain and joy at the same side of the coin.
There was one more reason I tried i-poems, though—I wanted to repeat my success with them. I wanted to see if my hands can still roll in cadence with the music …