Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Resurrection; Phase 5

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Next, I asked the students if they have done something adventurous in their lives, or an achievement, which came to them after a hazardous struggle.

One of the boys stood up.

He said he loved Chenda, the ancient traditional drum used in temples of Kerala. Once during his childhood, when he was about five, a master came to their village temple and offered to teach the children of the village the art of playing Chenda. The little boy was very excited. He was at the time an assistant to the priest to the temple of Kaali, the pagan goddess of revenge.

Even though he wanted to learn how to play Chenda, the priest of the temple he was assisting did not permit it. His father too succumbed to the distorted argument of the priest that a priest’s assistant should not indulge in another activity. There should be focus, shradha and obeisance, bhakthi towards and only towards the goddess, the priest had explained.   

However, the little boy of five was not familiar with the idea ‘intimidation’ yet.
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He hid himself outside the small shack where they taught Chenda.

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