Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Resurrection; Phase 3

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I-poems have always been a hot candy around in my blog ever since I invented them in my own style. In conversations and talks I often compare them with the Haiku poetic form, saying ‘i-poems are haiku style small poems with some philosophic idea condensed into a very few number of lines’, though in truth I never even wanted to write a haiku or thought of calling haikus, i-poems. 

These small poems were always an intriguing mixture of spiritual connection and earthly wisdom. I always felt a Contact with the formless, the Divine Father when I attempted i-poems, not just in this series, but all of them.

There were poems in which I used only one line to tell the idea—one lined poems. I loved that expression of surprise. It is the same excitement I felt each time attempting i-poems.

Then my focus shifted to the book, WALL OF COLOURS and other stories, the first collection of my short stories.

In order to work on this project, I needed my full concentration. Poetry was slowly stashed in the back of my mind. This was the reason for a long break in i-poems in “The Indian Commentator”. The work of the book is in progress.
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