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The Journey

The series of i-poems titled “Destiny” is completing its course with this seventh poem. Still the question, what destiny is, remains unanswered. And by the way, none of our intentions were even closer to finding an answer. It might be the inherent naivety in human kind that makes me think of an 'answer' at this moment. Of course, this moment too is part of my destiny, which is inevitably ‘our’ destiny after the journey through these poems together. At this moment, I would like to share with you one of my personal experiences which shattered many of my conceptions about destiny.
The other day, I was waiting for one of my old friends in one of the crowded cafeteria in Kannur city. He rang me up at the time when he had promised me to be there and told me that he would be late by ten minutes and that he had met a friend, a girl from his college life and couldn't afford losing her. When he was in the college, he had felt his heart warming for her, but could not make himself to a…