Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Some say destiny is that point in life when the control that one is believed to posess over life becomes useless. They even blame God for being so cruel as to burden them with those inadequate destinies. Indeed, destiny is a point of awareness, but not because God is cruel. On the contrary destiny is a point of awareness and learning and God interferes into your life and becomes the best teacher ever. But as we all know, good teachers are not always flattering or pampering. They become rough when it is needed for better learning.

Here is a new series of i-poems titled “Destiny”. My humble attempt here is to learn what destiny is, through a close observation of how my soul identifies it and reacts.

Here is the second poem in the series as the first one has preceded before a couple of posts, under the title "Destiny"


The destiny of everything deep
Is to reflect and everything wide is to absorb.
But in your eyes,
I neither found myself,
Nor lost the sense of what I am.
I am lost in the ocean;
A dreamer of the stars. 


Terri said...

I find this one dreamy!

Anu Lal said...

Oooo. Thank you Tia.