The moment brain was installed in human body; the weird chance of not using it too was born. We define it by the word, stupidity; a moment of absence of all those intellectual capabilities that we believe we possess. In the Molecular Story below is one form of stupidity called diffidence. The absence of confidence and trust on oneself is the worst of stupidities anyone can commit. Do you know why? Because like me, you too are the best of your kind. 


“There is much to say. But words may ruin what I really want to convey.” The lover said.
“Then just kiss me. And I will understand.”

The man hesitated, and then turned away like the clouds near a mountain. He walked away from the girl. In the evening breeze the girl’s tears scattered down and wet her cheeks. 

Months later, the man’s friend asked him why he had not kissed the girl at the time of departure, when he loved her so much.

The lover said: “That was exactly why I did not kiss her. I did not want her to know that I loved her so deep and still went away from her for my personal goals, for working in the Middle East. Now she is far away in India, at her home, cursing me for never loving her. She might have found someone else to love her truly.”   

“But Why? You have a job and can go back to her now.” His friend said to the lover. The lover was silent for sometime. His face turned dark. Then words breached the wall of silence: “At the time I decided to part with her, I did not know I would be successful in life.”

Tears flowed down.


Terri said…
Wow.. I find myself thinking what an unselfish of the greatest and rarest kinds of love and then another part of me had true love and you threw it away.... true love of such depth doesn't come around all the time you are fortunate to find it once... let alone twice ...what a stupid thing to do...I really like how this short short makes one think!
You've done it again!
Anu Lal said…
Thank you Abhilash.
Tia Terri, thank you so much for your nice words. You are right. There is an unselfish love here but at the same time a stupidity too. I think we all commit it at a certain point of time.
Terri said…
Oh no! I spelled "short" twice instead of writing out "short story"...
I see you got my meaning.:)
One Rain Drop said…
Unknown said…
beautiful.....pithy and beautiful

kudos :)
Anu Lal said…
Thank you so much.
mohit said…
Good read always prefer to read the quality content

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