Monday, March 14, 2011


A Molecular Story: A molecular story is a very short story. A very very short one, with all the impacts and effects of a real one with all the intrinsic structural peculiarities.

Once upon a time the people of the Far East believed in the existence of a bridge. The bridge was called Predictability. Whenever their earth shook and mines exploded they took refuge on the bridge. They constructed their lives around this bridge. But one day some thing happened and Predictability failed. That was the day when the sea was in a mad rage, and was coming to eat them alive. The bridge was destroyed. And the unpredictable overpowered man’s earth. But when the sun shone bright the water withdrew, and man found a vast land endlessly stretched in front of him, he called the land his new bridge. And gave it a new name: Hope.


Terri said...

Love it and you know this because I was able to tell you so!!!
How cool was that!!
Hugs Tia

Anu Lal said...

I have a huge grin from 'year to year'...:) because of you...thank you.
Me Ho