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kate Humble Seen.

Kate Humble, the world renowned BBC anchor, was seen at one of the beautiful beaches in Malabar, known as Muzhappilangad. She was with a crew directed by the well-known director of Lion TV, Paul Sapin, for a programme for BBC, named “Spice Trail”.

The six member crew was busy with shooting. And then a group of four young people arrived at the beach, which before a few minutes was deserted to the total. There was concern on the face of the crew. If the prominent faces in the team attracted attention and the beach became crowded, they would not be able to continue their work. They had no special security guards or experts of crowd handling there, as they always had when shooting in big cities like NY, or London. Their complacency in this relatively obscure place could lead them into danger?

They stopped working and discussed their concerns and finally decided to move on with the shooting as the very next day they had to catch the airplane to UK. Moreover, the four did not seem to be tro…