Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11: The Life of the Dead

This year marks the 9th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.The endless pain and torturous reality presents itself as if the dead specimen of an animal preserved in a paraffin jar unable to let lose its ferocity even after its death; its life before death captured and kept in tact inside the jar; the same way the attacks remain in our minds with the same morbidity, even after these long nine years.

The war on terror that the USA started before nine years has already faced unprecedented criticisms from allies and critics alike concerning the real aims of the war, the causalities in the army taking part on the operations, etc. But still, the war on terror remains a battle between the one who finds it his ultimate delight to register his mortality in the war, and the one whose fear for death is total and utmost.

The enemy and his war strategies are as new to the Western allies as the barbarism in the valleys of the Middle East are primitive. On the ninth year of the terror strikes, the reactions that followed one of humanities most naïve actions, the Twin Tower attack, is a point that every one who considers himself or herself a member of the global community should rethink.

The paradox is that even before the attack on the US, India has been a constant victim of the evil of terrorism. But it took too much time for the world to realize the threat. But there are people who seem indifferent on the threat posed by countries like Pakistan even after coming across many solid evidences proving the involvement of the government of that nation in terrorist activities. Britain, one of the allies of the anti-terror legion, continues its unhindered supplies of weaponry and wealth to Pakistan, just like China. Then who is the real threat to the world, countries like Pakistan, who directly support terrorism or countries like Britain and China, who indirectly and secretively help the terrorists?

May those departed souls rest in peace.


rohini said...

ur last para is so true...
my heart to weeps for those who suffered...infact my bro's building was next to WTC...he suffered a grt loss..

i wish all the terrorism looses its roots soon

Anu Lal said...

You are right Rohiniji.And prayers for those who lost their beloved ones. Because it is really hard.