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Contest Results!

So this is the day. Though a bit delayed the results are going to be announced forThe Circle of Friends Award.I apologize for the delay occurred due to some technical reasons in announcing the results. I express my thankfulness for all the participants, and also for those who couldn't make it to answer the questions.

The questions for the contest were:
1)What is the title given for the seventh drop of "Tears"?

2) What is the title of my first series of i-poems?

3) Who is known as the god of the Indian cricket?

4)An author has been quoted in the beginning of the poem "The Myth". Who is that author?

5)The post "The Silent Scream" carries the picture of a superhero. Who is that superhero?

The answers are:

1)The Cure


3)Sachin Tendulkar

4)Carlos Castaneda


 And the Winners are... Sheri andTerri L. Hadji-Gauthier