The Eighth Drop of "Tears"


Love supplies a mysterious power,
into your hands.
When you write about rain,
it rains.
And when you write about tears,
you cry.

It is raining. Rain is good. I feel tears in my eyes. Tears also are good. I write and the raindrops sweep away words from my paper leaving it blank, wet. And there is no one to hold an umbrella for me. Therefore, there won't be a new drop of tear anymore.

Though it won't end, let me stop now.

Comments readn u teats series...
Anu Lal said…
Thank you pal.Keep visiting
Sheri said…
i hope you don't think of me as unkind here but in my experience, even when someone is there, they may not want to hold your umbrella :( i have been with my husband for 36 years, discovering too late that he is a selfish man so i am holding my own umbrella and trying very hard not to dream of someone who will hold it for me.
anulal, this post is simply wonderful, every word touching my heart. please be careful to find that 'just right' holder of your umbrella and keeping in mind that they will need you to hold theirs, as well!
you are truly a poet with depth and i love to read your work...
Brian Miller said…
love the mix of poetry and prose...and i like to hope someone will hold that umbrella with day...maybe after the rain...
Terri said…
A very special poem, Anu.
I'm loving this series!
Anu Lal said…
@ Sheri--Thank you Sheri. Your words are touching. And so very true.
@Brian--Hi, Brian. I think you are new to my blog. But your words really are encouraging and soothing.. thanks. Hope you keep visiting.

@ Jingle--thanks very much.

@ Terri-- Thank you Tia Terri. The series has ended with this one. Hope you will visit again.
Jingle said…
linked you in,
please visit and comment for 12 poets under my post as participants...
let me know after you are done!
sarath said…
Your series "Tears" is very touching. I enjoyed it or rather experienced it...
Anu Lal said…
Thank you dear..
Anonymous said…
Very sweet-- nicely done!
Anonymous said…
Saw your link on Jingle. Love your writing!
Pravin Nair said…
Nice stuff anu!

I loved the mix of prose n poetry both bringing out so much of depth..

I come here from Jingle's blog..

I am happy to come across ur beautiful blog..Preserve the beauty!

I alsow rite poems and wld like to invite u to visit my blog at:


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