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The Cute Girl

This beautiful picture, I am gifted by my Tia, Terri, a very talented art designer and owner of the blog BloomingideasMI. I would like to use this Post as a space to register my heart-felt thanks to her. She had sent me another priceless gift, one copy of The Holy Scriptures and a self designed card. Sometimes words do feel lacking in their depth, such as in these moments, when I feel a lack in my words to convey my emotions of thankfulness completely and to the truest extent.

On the very first look itself, this picture had conquered my heart. I felt a series of emotions popping out in my mind, and in my soul. Even though essence or soul is an abstract and non tangible presence or concept, I felt my soul presenting itself through an identifiable form, which rather resembled the face in the picture; and so I wrote in my letter to her- 'I have fallen in love with this picture.' Truly, the cute girl in the picture is more than what it seems. This picture is something of its sort t…