Monday, January 18, 2010

The Cute Girl

This beautiful picture, I am gifted by my Tia, Terri, a very talented art designer and owner of the blog BloomingideasMI. I would like to use this Post as a space to register my heart-felt thanks to her. She had sent me another priceless gift, one copy of The Holy Scriptures and a self designed card. Sometimes words do feel lacking in their depth, such as in these moments, when I feel a lack in my words to convey my emotions of thankfulness completely and to the truest extent.

On the very first look itself, this picture had conquered my heart. I felt a series of emotions popping out in my mind, and in my soul. Even though essence or soul is an abstract and non tangible presence or concept, I felt my soul presenting itself through an identifiable form, which rather resembled the face in the picture; and so I wrote in my letter to her- 'I have fallen in love with this picture.' Truly, the cute girl in the picture is more than what it seems. This picture is something of its sort that speaks.

People usually appreciate me for my selection of pictures and the presentation of them in my blog. I am happy and thankful for all those appreciations as well as criticisms on the pictures I choose. Of course, the pictures and their alignments, throughout my blog is one of my artistic methods to convey my message, which are suitable and can assert and re-affirm the themes that have been chosen for writing, in which surly, the space for readers' free will and inclinations is provided.

But in this process of selecting pictures, as in all other artistic endeavours a search is required. Here, the search I perform, is through Google Images, or through AOL Images, where I locate the apt image that fits to the theme, which I have chosen for writing. Though it is a very interesting process, to search for the artistic perfection, to find a picture that speaks something to convey an emotion, a message, a theme, which can suit my articles or poems, or to help the construction of any other linguistic context, I always felt, is difficult. As I said above The Cute Girl is a picture that serves this purpose.


Terri said...

I'm curious ..for what ever reason I cannot see the picture of the cute girl you have posted. Isn't that odd?

Thank You for your kind words. I think you know that you are very dear to me and Tio Chip.
If we have given you anything it pales in the comparison of what you have given us.

Anu Lal said...

Thank you so much Tia, and Tio. Keep visiting...
your Me Ho.

Terri said...

Oh...that cute are so sweet to post this...I was happy to send you the photo of my work.
You never know how something that brought me so much joy to create can have an effect on someone else.
Thanks for switching to the watermarked version of the painting.
Hope you are having a good week.
Your Tia Terri

Anu Lal said...

Thank you Tia. A good artist is always is a good artist. There is nothing more to say about a good artist.They simply exist, even if others acknowledge them or not.Keep visiting.

Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just brought a lot of different emo backgrounds in my blog