Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Break

[This story was also published in: Authspot ]
My character reached a Monastery. He met the head priest and expressed his desire to be a Sanyasi, a saint; to enter into sainthood and lead a life of self effacement and giving.

The head priest asked the question.
"why do you want sainthood?"
My character spoke:"The person whom I was in love with, left me. I do not want to go back to that life again, I want to lead the life of a celibate, a saint."
"But that is not a reason for accepting you into sainthood, son. Go back"- The priest said.

"Please, let me speak"-My character insisted and started speaking without waiting for the priest's consent.
"I know that sainthood is a search for peace, for knowledge, for the light. But I realised that love is a battle in which each one asserts oneself over the other!" He continued- " There is no peace in battle and-"
"You are wrong"- The head priest intervened. "You have learned your knowledge, well. If you want peace, there is peace in knowledge. Remember, peace is not the absence of conflicts, but the resonance among them. You have knowledge and your knowledge will help you to attain the resonance. Now you can go."
My character was forced to walk back, for the head priest had already closed the doors.


Terri said...

Tio and my love fortunately is not a battle in which one asserts oneself over the other.
But unfortunately sometimes it is just as you have written.

Will you be continuing this story?

Oh and I really like the globes. I have the NeoPlanet one on the bottom of my blog and I like to see it fill up with yellw dots from people who have visited. Very cool.

Terri said...

that should say yellow dots

Unknown said...

Hi Bro,

I like your story, I thought you have written my story. But this one is good that your telling the truth about love

with love
Your Bigbrother

Tarun Mitra said...

Priest is right

Unknown said...

Hey.. your Bigbrother is not saying the truth.. it’s not his story .. ;-)

I liked the story.. keep writing... will wait to read more from you...

Anu Lal said...

Thank you every one...This story has ended here.Because every good story continues when the narration stops...
Thank you once again..
Do visit again..