Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tributes to Girish Puthanjeri.

Girish Puthanjeri,one of the prominent lyricists of the day in Malayalam film industry passed away, yesterday, 10-2-2010. The poem below is dedicated to his memories and to the melodious-verses he had created. I would like to note a strange coincidence that shook me yesterday. The poem below is not actually written after hearing the news and in no intention to give tribute to the writer. It was just after the poem was completed, I heard the news that Puthenjeri passed away.The poem exactly conveyed the same sense; a tribute to the lyricist. And I felt it really strange. The poem below—The Song-- is about a song that fades away, just like he faded away.

 The Song.
I remember forgetting the song,
and remembering
the moments just before and after
the song played.

It was the moment before the song-
I died,
from the world of noise,
and brought to the world of music.

It was the moment after the song,
I resurrected.

I tried hard to recall,
but the song no more existed.

[Read it here as well:Authspot.]


Terri said...

A nice dedication Anu.
What a coincedence of you composing this poem and Girish Puthanjeri's passing.

Anu Lal said...

Thanks Tia, Terri. Well, coincidence or magic!