Friday, February 5, 2010

A Friendly Chat

Writing some thing original is always a challenge. The world, which we live in is full of detractors to originality in the form of tradition, norms, rules, and form in a work of art. In order to make a new post, I thought of doing something different. It was then I came across an incident in the very same day I made this post that is, on 5-2-2010. I have published this material for it carries, as I believe, the form and it fits itself into the norms that are set for an artistic production. (These norms and rules are many and they vary according to multiple reasons.)

This is an e-mail chat with one of my new female friends and me. 

ME: You are looking more and more beautiful each day in the picture!!

Friend: Which picture???

ME: That one in the orkut profile.

FRIEND: Thank u so liked me??hehheh

ME: Come on..shame on you.. putting an actress's picture instead of yours, and thus compromising with your own identity, unaware of the beauty that nature has gifted you with, how is it possible for you to laugh, yaar.....

FRIEND: Just joking yaar....sad.

ME: I know that was not a jock. that was a frustration that you always suffer.. from your inability to express yourself... [how is that!!!ha ha]
FRIEND: Noooooooooooooo. i cant paste my picture in Orkt....That's not good.........

ME: Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRIEND: Bla bla bla............tell you later..

ME:  You have a thousand dollar smile yaar!! why can't you put it on orkut. Let the world see you.  This is sad for the whole world. they can't see an angel or hoor freshly copied from the heavens, by some hi tech machine by god's special draftsmen. sad...
FRIEND:  Only on my face friend not in my mind..... (the smile).
ME: Oh!that sounds intriguing. What is the matter? Is there any thing that I can do for you? you know I am a brave person, very much...
FRIEND: No friend.........leave it..........were are you now?? in library?   
MEYa. meet me if you want to talk. OK. don't feel bad or distanced.. life is all about learning. The most paradoxical thing is that learning from life occurs in those moments in which we think about learning, the least. So open your eyes and look around. Your lesson for the moment may be just near
you...try to take hold of it that will make you forget your sorrows...
FRIEND: Wow...........really you are a good person you can do every thing. i'm proud of you my friend...
ME: Thanks for that... keep that smile there. don't let it fade. the lesson of the moment is that a smile can bring down the infinite distance in friendship to a close. I smiled to a person sitting near me, now, and you know what happened, that guy gave me his pen, for I forgot to take one inside, the net cafe (in the library).. How is that!!
FRIEND:Your words are really interesting. OK..bye.. see you later.
I didn't reply, for I knew that my heart was sad in leaving the conversation thus, and I didn't want the sadness to betray my words...


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Terri said...

Hi Anu,
Is that supose to be joke? and joking?

jock is something totally different. Thought you may want to know.

Your Tia