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Give and Take.

[This story is also published in Authspot ]
[a story from India, dedicated to all the teachers and students in the world...]It was my friend who told me about Raghavan master that, he is one of the greatest teachers he has ever met, and that he would be a good choice for me too.“Why should I go searching for a teacher? I simply get them in my school.”–I said.“If you want to be guided, you should search for your guide. It is your duty and necessity, you will understand it, my friend.”–He said, with peace in his words.“But how can we realise that someone is the best teacher or guide? How can we find them?”–I was curious this time.He narrated me his own experience, how he had found his teacher.“It was I who searched for my teacher, but it was my teacher, as I now realise benefited by me.”Seeing me rather interested in his deep philosophy, he smiled and continued. (And I like him for that, he gets me quickly).He continued: “When I met Raghavan master, he asked me, what I wanted. I said-’I …

Will you wait for the one?

How many of us wait for someone? I am not talking about waiting for love to happen, but waiting for the beloved who has departed from you due to some reasons, except death. I have published a small piece carrying my views on this topic. You can read that on this link: Socyberty . I request you to write your opinions as well in the comment box below.